There are some men that would rely on the intake of men’s sexual health supplements
to help them last longer in bed. Although these things can certainly work, not a lot of
men have access to it, given their location.

The good thing is that there are actually foods that you can eat that will either have a
direct or indirect effect on your sexual endurance.

So today, I am going to be talking about the foods that men must eat to last longer in

Lean Meats

Men, in particular, have predominantly meat-based diets and you’d want to continue
having some lean meats in your diet if you want to last a few rounds in bed.

That is because lean protein like some cuts of beef, pork, and chicken contains a lot of
B vitamins that are known to help ramp up your energy levels. It also contains a lot of
amino acids that help improve blood flow and circulation as well, such as Carnitine and
L-Arginine, among many others.

Now, how about vegetarians? Well, do not worry as nuts and some seeds (like chia
seeds) can actually provide the same benefit, albeit you must consume copious
amounts of it to achieve the same effect.


Now I know you are thinking. You are probably thinking that this is an elaborate joke,
right? After all, bananas are usually depicted as long penises by women and
mainstream media. But, there is probably some truth to that.

You see, bananas can provide you with a lot of energy thanks to its rich carbohydrate
content. Aside from that, it is also loaded with potassium which has a profound effect in
lowering your cholesterol levels which will help prevent hypertension and cardiovascular
disease (medical conditions that are known to put a damper on your sex drive).

Red Grapes

Also known as nature’s Viagra, red grapes contain born which is known to aid in the
increased production of testosterone and estrogen. If your testosterone levels get
boosted, you will invariably be in the mood for sex.

If you do not have access to fresh red grapes in your area, a great alternative would be
to drink a glass or two of red wine just 2-3 hours prior to having sex.

Spicy Foods

Ever wondered what compound is responsible for giving off that spicy taste? Well, that
is thanks to an active compound that is found in chilies known as Capsaicin.

This compound is known to help improve blood flow by dilating your blood vessels. And,
if you can remember your basic biology, a penis gets erect when sufficient blood flow
enters its chambers.

Spicy foods, therefore, are also known as vasodilators which means that they not only
help reduce your blood pressure levels, but it also helps you relax as well.


Avocados are not only rich in fiber and healthy fats but it is also a fruit that is rich in folic
acid. What this does is it also helps dilate your blood vessels, thus improving overall
blood circulation in your body.