6 Awesome Blogging Tips and Tricks for Newbies

1. Set your blogging goals.

Just like with any other endeavor or project, setting defined goals would give you purpose, direction and vision. You need to understand the things you want to achieve, so you can better interact and connect with your audience.

2. Use compelling graphics and images and graphics that are royalty free, or you have rights to.

If you are not yet willing to hire a professional designer because of the high cost, turn to Shutterstock for royalty-free images. Don’t just get images on Google search. You don’t own those images, and you have the rights to include them in your blog posts. Aside from Shutterstock, you can also depend on Canva, Pixabay and Pexels for engaging royalty-free images.

3. Add images to your social media posts to increase engagement.

How to monetize your blog in Malaysia? Leverage on the power of social media. Think about how you can add a more appealing vibe to your social media posts. Adding images is one thing
you can do to increase social engagement. According to research, images on Twitter posts can increase engagement to around 35%. To capture the reader’s attention, put your blog headline within an image.

4. End your blog article with a question or conclusion.

Do you know that only around 25% to 50% of people only reach the bottom of a blog post? This is the reason why including a summary at the beginning is helpful for them. Make an outline. Point out the primary items in your content. As much as possible, add questions that can stir their curiosity, as well as call-to-action statements to prompt engagement.

5. If you are using WordPress, install Yoast.

Yoast is a reliable WordPress SEO plugin that can help you with optimize your online articles for a good focus keyword. This tool will give you clear ideas for a more thorough content optimization.

6. List down all of the topics you want to write about.

Taking down all of the things you want to write about will help you organize your thoughts. Just write down general ideas. If you want, you can list down in advanced all of the topics that you want to upload the following month.