Amazing Tips on How to Hang Your Wall Art

Hanging wall art is a quick home makeover to enliven your room from the entrances to the stairwells, but since there are almost no limitations to what to hang up and where landing on a good-looking location and piece combination can be difficult. Fortunately, we have rounded up some clever tips to build a gallery in every room. Look. Look.

Begin Above the Console

Since the first impressions are important for your entrance, hang the artwork you love in a place you can’t miss. Use your console table as a guide to start, and center a mirror above to brighten up the space. Then, with favorite pieces build up and around the mirror, holding a few inches between each. When you decide what to put, friendly phrases and words of inspiration will make this space extra accommodating.

Follow the Incline

Your art should hang at eye-level when decorating a staircase wall, and rise in relation to the incline of the stairs. Next, one piece of art hanging and centering along the stairways. Then, calculate to the bottom of the artwork from stage. Provided that all frames have the same gap between the stairs below for even hanging. Medium-sized pieces that can be seen both close-up and here work well from a distance, and hanging a print collection is a fast way to get a seamless look.

Use the TV as the Centerpoint

If your TV looks like an eyesore or sits on a large empty wall alone, fill the space with art and fold it into a bigger set. Hang bits of various sizes up to and around the TV, leaving a few inches in between. Larger canvases that don’t need frames add texture and are easy to hang, adding in some unforeseen features, such as floating shelves and small mirrors.

Start in the Middle

It’s good to remember when facing a daunting blank wall that you don’t have to fill the whole thing (at least not all at once). Start in the middle of the wall and hang at eye-level a few larger frames, maintaining the same gap between them. First, build up and out, adding in time to your set. To start your display, select 2-or3-piece print sets if you are looking to make a statement.