Best Yuri Anime You Should Put in Your Watchlist

Yuri anime isn’t what you think it is; it depicts a beautiful loving relationship between two girls. So that’s what it is trying to express to the audience because not everyone is meant to marry the opposing sex. If you have mixed feelings about yuri anime, check out our collection of the finest yuri animated series on the Internet because it just could alter your mind. You’ve also come to the perfect site if you’re seeking some of the best yuri anime to watch after working with top forex brokers in Vietnam. So, shall we embark on a journey into the realm of yuri girls?


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  • Oniisama e

Nanako Misonoo, 16, thinks she has a promising future as she enrols in the elite all-girls Seiran Academy. However, the unfortunate young lady is entangled in a web of deception, sorrow, and envy. Furthermore, she is picked as the Sorority’s youngest inductee, a prestigious group whose participants are the admiration of the whole campus. Nanako rapidly draws the wrath of her envy peers, mainly the fiery Aya Misaki, because she lacks the grace, riches, or genius of the other participants. Nanako writes letters to her previous teacher, Takehiko Henmi, whom she lovingly refers to as “onii-sama,” to deal with her extremely hard school life. Plus, her four best friends, Tomoko Arikura, the outgoing but unpredictable Mariko Shinobu, the depressed musician Rei Asaka, and the sporty tomboy Kaoru Orihara provide her with peace.


  • Sakura Trick

Sakura Trick is the storey of middle school closest friends. They are both in the same class in high school, but they sit across the classroom from each other. The other becomes envious when one starts to make acquaintances on her side of a wall. They resolve to do something they would not do with some other girl – kiss – to strengthen their friendship. Just that kiss, on the other hand, sparks intense emotions in both of them.


  • Kase-San And The Morning Glories

One of the nicest OVAs from the last decades is Kase-San and the Morning Glories. This touching narrative follows local green thumb Yui Yamada and distance runner Tomoka Kase after they began dating, and is adapted on the manga series of the same title. It’s their senior year, and with college approaching, both girls must make significant decisions regarding their futures. This adorable cartoon OVA also has a very relevant dilemma: Yui recognises that she isn’t as gifted as Tomoka. Tomoka has enormous athletic goals and wants to pursue them in college, but how would Yui join if she realizes she won’t be accepted? This is a yuri gem from 2018 that everyone should see, with both humorous scenes and shockingly emotional dialogues.


  • Yuru Yuri

One of the best yuri anime comedies out there. Kyouko Toushino, Chinatsu Yoshikawa, and  Yui Funami, members of the Akari Akaza, discuss the Fun club. The leisure club maintains its typical activities, especially unemployment, in the environment of “Yuri.” Even though their habits are simply resting, they always remark about the humour and thrill that transpires at school.