Can I Be A Video Game Developer?

Video game developers take the designer’s concepts and build them into a playable game for users. 

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Video game developers, also known as games developers or video game programmers, create code for a variety of platforms, including PCs, consoles, web browsers, and mobile phones. They write code to put the video game designer’s ideas, drawings, and rules into a playable game with pictures and sound. 

Game developers create software that converts artistic conceptions into playable game elements for mobile phones, console systems, and computers. It’s a difficult field, but you may become a video game developer with the necessary teamwork skills, professional growth, and networking. 

What Do Usually They Do? 

A video game developer is responsible for overseeing the creation of a video game. Game developers may create games from scratch or employ previously completed plans, and they may also write code to bring the game environments, characters, and other aspects to life. They devise a strategy for the various game levels and how players will progress through them. Generally speaking, game developers work in small or large game studios, but some of them also work as freelance developers, creating and marketing their own original games on the internet. 

Other than that;

  • Looking at the design specifications of video game designers
  • Writing code to turn the designer’s concepts into a playable game
  • Using application program interfaces (APIs) – a set of pre-built commands that allow different software to interact
  • Programming the game’s terrain
  • Programming artificial intelligence for non-player characters within the game

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Pay scale research suggests that games developers and programmers can earn above £30,000, even in starting roles.

Qualifications and Requirements 

For university graduates who want to pursue a career in video game production, there are several options. School leavers may also be eligible for other positions in related fields.

The degree in computer science, software engineering, or a similar field will be required of graduates. It is also possible to qualify for entry-level work if you have a degree in a completely unrelated field but are fluent in relevant programming languages and are familiar with the gaming business. As you go through your career in this highly competitive profession, employment experience and a portfolio of work will become increasingly important.

By completing an apprenticeship in software development or a similar field, school leavers can make the transition into the video game development industry. Find out how you can enter into this industry as a school leaver by visiting the IT part of the targeted careers. 

What programming languages should a game developer know?

If you are creating games for Android, knowing Java is essential. To write game engines, you must be proficient in C++. It will also help if you know C, C#, Python. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and SQL.