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Any basic discrete device or physical entity in an electronic system that affects electrons or their associated fields is known as an electronic component. Electrical elements, which are conceptual abstractions describing idealized electronic components and elements, are not to be confused with electronic components, which are mainly industrial goods accessible in a single form.

A multitude of electrical terminals or leads are found on electronic components. These wires connect to other electrical components to form an electronic circuit that performs a certain purpose (for example an amplifier, radio receiver, or oscillator). Basic electronic components can be packaged separately, as arrays or networks of similar components, or as integrated circuits in semiconductor integrated circuits, hybrid integrated circuits, or thick film devices. The following list of electronic components concentrates on the discrete versions of these components, considering packages as separate components.

Electronic circuits are constructed using a variety of fundamental electronic components. Circuit designs are never complete or work properly without these components. Resistors, diodes, capacitors, integrated circuits, and other components fall under this category.

  • Basic Electronic Components. 

Electronic components are the most basic discrete devices in any electronic system, and they are used in a variety of electronic areas. These are the fundamental elements utilized in the design of electrical and electronic circuits. There are at least two terminals on these components that are used to connect to the circuit. Electronic components can be classified based on their applications, such as active, passive, or electromechanical.

In designing an electronic circuit following are taken into consideration:

Basic electronic components: capacitors, resistors, diodes, transistors, etc.

Power sources: Signal generators and DC power supplies.

Measurement and analysis instruments: Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO),  multimeters, etc.

  • Active Components. 

These components are used to generate electric power by amplifying electrical impulses. These components can be used as an AC circuit within electrical devices to protect against voltage and increase power. Because it is powered by electricity, an active component can carry out its activities. All of these components necessitate the use of an energy source that is ordinarily unavailable in a DC circuit. An oscillator, IC (integrated circuit), and transistor are all included in any high-quality active component.

Omron Electronic Components Malaysia.

  • Passive Components. 

These components are unable to incorporate mesh energy into an electronic circuit since they do not rely on a power source other than what is available from the AC circuit to which they are connected. As a result, they are unable to magnify, yet they can increase a current in other ways. Resistors, inductors, transformers, and capacitors are examples of two-terminal components.

  • Electromechanical Components. 

These components make mechanical changes, such as spinning a motor, using an electrical signal. These components, in general, use electrical current to create a magnetic field that allows physical movement to occur. Switches and relays of various types can be used in these types of components. Electromechanical devices are those that have both an electrical and a mechanical process. The mechanical movement of an electromechanical component generates electrical output when it is manually manipulated.

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Omron Electronic Components Malaysia.