Time Fiber Broadband Malaysia With The Right Usage

The connection must be available in all areas where the event is to take place, both in the conference center or convention center, as well as in the different areas of the hotel. International meetings and events require an internet connection service, with good quality Wi-Fi, which must be:

∙ Very fast

∙ With high bandwidth

∙ Free or at a competitive price

X-Ray Of Internet Use And How It Affects Us

Time fibre broadband Malaysia

The new Internet Access Networks (NGA) are favoring a much faster and more important digital transformation than in previous years. They serve to offer better services and thus create more jobs thanks to the digital content business. Here use of the Time fiber broadband Malaysia happens to be most essential.


∙ In Malaysia, NGA networks reached 73.2% of households.

∙ In the first quarter of 2015, the coverage achieved with accesses of speed equal to or greater than 100 Mbps stood at 61%

∙ FTTH (Fiber) network coverage stood at 45% at the beginning of 2015

∙ LTE network coverage reaches 76.3%

∙ The penetration of the use of smartphones is 85% in Malaysia, the fourth developed country with the highest penetration

∙ The consumption and use of digital content is increasing exponentially, in 2019 it could exceed 110,000 Petabytes per month. With internet video and online games the activities that will grow the most

∙ 94% of traffic is from fixed networks, 6% from mobile networks

∙ 80.5% of households have a TV, 79.1% a computer, 35.8% a tablet and 60% a smartphone

∙ Email with 81.5%, check news with 78.6%, search for information on goods and services with 69.6% and social networks with 64.7% are the most requested uses

With good security, which protects the transmitted data and the identity of the users?

What would happen if you stopped having internet? If your connection was not as fast as you need or it was not the one that connects the servers of a company? Perhaps you have never asked yourself these questions but we can tell you that everything would change.

The Internet and the use of super broadband connections are accelerating the entire digital transformation process . Both for the user and for companies, having a good connection is key and if you don’t believe it, pay attention, because here is a quick X-ray of how we are.