Time fibre package Malaysia With the Perfect Solution

You can test the performance of your internet by connecting by cable to your box and by opening an internet page in order to diagnose whether or not the problem comes from WiFi. Use a site like speedtest.net to find out about throughput at the source. If the problem persists, contact your service provider. It is possible that external causes that concern more than your individual network are at the origin of your difficulties. View here


Change your box

It is sometimes forgotten, but the physical obstacles and the distance to be covered weaken the strength of the waves. This is why your box must be placed in a central location in relation to the various connected devices. Start by changing the position of your router’s antenna so that its orientation is optimal.

Avoid placing the router near metallic objects because some surfaces such as concrete and metal are impassable for WiFi waves. Prefer to install your box in height or on the floor rather than on the ground because the waves descend more easily than they do not go up. Take a moment to consider the walls, ceilings, doors that your signal must pass through to reach your various devices. For example, if your box is currently near your kitchen or professional equipment; try to find a better place.

Add a signal repeater

If after mapping your space, you realize that your box cannot serve all your devices, we recommend that you get a signal repeater. The object will retrieve the signal emitted by your box and repeat it while increasing its power. Place it halfway between your repeater and the farthest device. This will allow you to achieve satisfactory signal strength throughout your home or room. Be sure to properly encrypt the signal emitted by your repeater to maintain the security level of your network so that it is not accessible by everyone.

If you live in an apartment building or near other homes, perform an intrusion scan every now and then to make sure that no one else is using your connection as this could easily explain the low speed. Some software will allow you to get a diagnosis. After that, you can choose to move to the Time Fibre internet service.