Top 4 Multilevel Marketing Companies

The younger generation right now is actively searching for something to do as a side hustle. They tend to have a stable main job yet they feel the need to connect with another business to get more money. The living cost in this era is totally out of the world. Everything is expensive and hard to be afforded. Basic needs such as buying a car and a house are far from one’s reach as they already have student financial loan to finish paying for. Because of their endless search, the direct selling business or widely known as multilevel marketing is now emerging again after years. A lot of people believe that the MLM business is an income opportunity especially for those who are in need of extra money. You can start your own MLM business successfully by consulting the MLM software development company for tips and tricks. 

Multilevel marketing adopts a part of the pyramid scheme method in distributing payments for those involved. This includes the most top of the line which is the manager gets the most money and it will be fractioned to those in upline and downline distributors. Most of the time, the payment can be a bit unfair as you have to share a huge sum of it with others. MLM software development company

Here are some of the most famous multilevel marketing companies you should look into:

Young Living

Super infamous for its incredible-looking diffusers that come in many designs, Young Living focuses on improving the respiratory system along with the internal moods of ourselves by using their iconic essential oils with the diffusers for the best experience. It is proven by their distributors that each essential oil has its own functions and depending on your preferences of the day, you can choose whichever and you can be mixed those together if you like. However, Young Living has been receiving official warnings as they spread information about the essential oils being able to treat mental illness, dementia and autism that are totally absurd.


Deemed to be a good alternative for solid food replacement, Herbalife encourages their consumers to drink these for every meal. The popular testimonies they have been spreading to the general public has influenced them to consume them. However, they are facing a lawsuit against one of those who bought the drink as it caused a bad side effect. It is later confirmed that the drinks are not clinically approved and use unhealthy ingredients that are opposite from what they deem. 

Mary Kay

Being the second top makeup and beauty brand in the multilevel company, Mary Kay has a good reputation amongst its users. Those who are their official distributors are mostly honest and ethical in doing business. Their makeup quality along with their skincare products are top-notch and good for the skin. 

Nu Skin

Offering the public spa tools and its necessary lotions for home purposes, Nu Skin also has supplements for those interested. However, this company has to make payment for millions due to the claims regarding the products.