What to Look for in Web Hosting Services

Are you thinking of creating a new website? Of course, you want to build a beautiful website with well-optimized amazing content. So, how can you look for an efficient website hosting service that can make your pages available at all times? There are tons of web hosting companies in Malaysia, so make sure to research properly.

Aside from familiarizing yourself with the different types of hosting, below are other things you need to consider.

1. Reliability

You wouldn’t want to deal with downtimes and other technical issues. A website that doesn’t load properly is useless. This is the reason why you need to settle for a web host that ensures 99.99% reliability. Website outages are a pain, and can even damage your brand.

2. Speed

Evaluating a web host’s speed means measuring how fast your content loads on the browsers of your website visitors, no matter where they are. If your website information are just hosted on a single server, then visitors would see slower web pages. The solution?content distribution network To distribute and store all of your assets in a CDN, or . This distributes all of your files throughout different data centers worldwide. Check if your potential web host utilizes this kind of technology.

3. Scalability

I’m sure you are planning to produce viral content for your website. But, you need to ask yourself first. Can your website handle a big amount of traffic? What if it crashes so suddenly?

Will your server fall over in case it gets a lot of requests? These questions are all related to scalability. The top website hosting providers out there can handle this by spinning up their servers as your web traffic flows.

4. Security

Have you noticed the difference between websites with a URL that begins with “http,” and those that begins with “https”? The “S” there stands for secure, and clearly indicates that communications between your website and browser are encrypted with an SSL certificate. This is important with any kind of website, but becomes even more crucial if you are running an ecommerce website or any platform that deal with financial and personal details.