Where Can I Read Free Romance Manga Online? 

Bring up just the word ‘manga’ in front of an otaku and you’ll have them shaking in their boots. It’s not a bad thing though, lots of otakus are passionate about their interests in manga and anime and are always willing to share so that they can get more people to share their interests with them! As we all know (or maybe not), mangas are Japanese comic books that are written in different anime genres for all sorts of readers. There is a vast world of manga out there that you will be spoilt for choice when choosing what to read. But if you are looking for one place to read free romance manga online, you need to check out MangaLegacy.

If you are not sure of which romance mangas you should read on MangaLegacy, keep reading this article for some of our best recommendations. 

  • Blue Flag

read free romance manga online
Blue Flag is a story that takes place in high school during the spring term which turns out to be a tense time for students, especially those who are in their senior year. There is an unexpected twist to the story, that reveals a lot about unrequited love, old childhood friendships and same-sex attractions. 

  • Horimiyaread free romance manga online

Horimiya is a story about Hori and Miyamura who seem like two completely incompatible people. One is a complete extrovert and the other is an introvert, but the both of them live completely different lives outside of school. It’s also a story that takes time to build relationships that are apart from the main characters. 

  • My Love Mix-Up

read free romance manga online
My Love Mix-Up follows the story of Aoki who realizes Hashimoto, the girl that she’s in love with, actually has feelings for another guy. This was already confusing for Aoki, but matters get worse when Aoki discovers Ida has a crush on him. This is a very popular romance manga and anime that shows the heartwarming relationship between Aoki and Ida. 

  • Given

Read Free Romance Manga Online

The story of Given follows Ritsuka, a guitarist who is slowly getting bored of his hobby. Until one day he meets Mafayu, a shy and socially awkward novice who isn’t aware of his own talents. He’s actually a prodigy and he only realizes this when he learns how to play the guitar with Ritsuka. Eventually Haruki and Akihiko join their band. Later on Ritsuka realizes that he has feelings fro Mafayu who is coping with the suicide of his ex. Haruki and Akihiko battle with strong tension and attraction between them, waiting for one another to act ofn the evidently mutual feelings they share for each other.

  • Inu x Boku SS
  • Read Free Romance Manga Online

It’s a unique manga that has many quirky characters that fans will definitely fall in love with. Ririchiyo, a 15 year old Atavist– a human with demon ancestors with the rare ability to be reincarnated if they are killed. Ririchiyo ends up moving to Maison de Ayakashi which is an apartment with extremely high security, where people havee their own Secret Service bodyguard (SS). There she meets her SS Bodyguard Soushi Miketsukami, a man who is fully devoted to her.