Why Combining Web Hosting with Web Design Can Generate More Income for Web Designers

Web designers and web developers are actually the unsung heroes of the internet. Without them, the websites that you frequently visit will not exist.

Web designers are people who make use of design principles and apply them in website creation. This includes the colors, the themes, and everything that you see on the webpage.

Web developers are people that are more geared towards taking care of the backend processes. Think about scripting, the use of website programming languages, server backend, and so much more.

Now, given that web designers and web developers are already making huge sums of money these days, if you are one of them, you can still generate even more income! How? Well, by combining all of the aspects mention above to webhosting!

As a web designer, you do not need to think about the web server just yet. You can go about things your own way by first focusing on the actual website. Then, you will just have to worry about hosting the website on a particular web server. When you do things right, you can easily earn an additional $50-$250 per month!

The Truth About Webhosting

To be honest, not a lot of people actually search the internet for webhosting services. If anything, people who want to have their own websites would be apt to search for a web designer instead.

People want an all-in-one solution which is why most web designers should be able to provide similar services as well.

Hosting Services

For you to be able to host a website, you need to be using a web server or a webhosting provider. How will you be able to put your finished website on the internet without one?

Well, the thing is that you can make use of that by using tools such as Joomla and WordPress, for example. Both of these platforms allow you to pay a small amount of money so that you can get your own personalized domain.

On top of that, the above-mentioned platforms allow for an easier time to create your own website since all you have to do is select from a wide variety of different options available. You can choose the theme, the colors, the pictures, and any other graphical content that you can find out there just to make your clients happy.

Doing it this way will not only save you a lot of money but it will also save you a lot of time as well. That is because you no longer have to worry about getting a dedicated web hosting service since the platforms I’ve mentioned provide you with those things right off the bat.

If you want to try a different approach, you can become a reseller as well. Basically, you go out there and befriend a webhosting service provider and then allow them to sell you some services in exchange for commissions.

By doing so, every time you create a website and tie it to the web hosting service that you befriended, you’re going to earn a lot more money than usual.